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African Holocaust/Maafa

African Holocaust/Maafa

The 10-year-old maths genius who̵...


By Lauren Said-Moorhouse, for CNN Story highlights Esther Okade is a 10-year-old British-Nigerian student She recently enrolled at the Open University in the UK Already top of her class scoring 100% in a recent exam Took A-level exams, a British secondary school qualification, last year Click here to Read more!

Emancipation 2014-List of Activities

batoto yetu 2

EMANCIPATION FESTIVAL2014 LIST OF ACTIVITIES International Performers Batoto Yetu- (Angolan Performing Group)Musical Ventriloquist Surinamese “fire eating” and “walking on broken glass” act              BATOTO YETU         MEGAN PIPHUS   Local Performers   Lisa Punch (confirmation based on Show Schedule) “Centre Stage” in collaboration with the Guyana Music Network                 LISA PUNCH   Educationl Booths […]


African Baby Names

AFRICAN BABY NAMES AND MEANING  Aziza o    Respected. Darling. o    Category: Muslim, African, Egyptian, Arabic Abayomi o    bringer of happiness. o    Category: African, Egyptian Abdalla o    Servant of God. o    Category: African, Arabic Abebe o    Asked for. o    Category: African Abebi o    Asked for. o    Category: African Abeeku o    one who is born on Wednesday. […]



THE KENTE CLOTH    Kente Cloth Designs and Meaning There are over 350 patterns for Kente Cloths. The patterns are created during the hand weaving process and are determined by the manner in which the threads are intertwined.  Below are some popular patterns, the meaning of these Kente Cloth Motifs & Patterns, and what they […]



“Songs we would never hear! Histories we would never know! Art we would never see! Because the European had the capacity to destroy and didn’t have the moral restraint not to.” —Maulana Karenga—-  



EMANCIPATION 2014 NATIONAL PARK, GEORGETOWN, GUYANA AUGUST  1ST African Cuisine, Games, Fashion, Music, Acrobatic Displays, Information and Lots More……… EDUCATION AND EXCITEMENT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Tu Ta Shinda!!

African Inventions


AFRICAN INVENTIONS/DISCOVERIES   1. Speech The first words by humans were spoken by Africans. ”Using statistical methods to estimate the time required to achieve the current spread and diversity in modern languages today, Johanna Nichols — a linguist at the University of California, Berkeley — argues that vocal language must have arisen in our species […]

Popular Baby Names

African Baby Names

Adeleka Aisha Damali Eusi Fayola Femi Iyana Jabari Kayode Kofi Kwesi Olafemi

African History Month Exhibition Held...

African History Month Exhibition, at our AKWAABA Centre